The Nintendo Switch Presentation Time Has Been Set

A few weeks ago, Nintendo shared the announcement trailer for the Nintendo Switch, and the video has garnered incredible viewership in the weeks since. Within hour of going live, the video was well past record-views on the company’s official North American YouTube channel, alone. In fact, the number of views for the announcement trailer are well over 21 million, as you read this.

Following the trailer, we learned that any/all new details regarding the Nintendo Switch would officially be shared on January 12. Of course, that date seemed to be so far off for some because it had been virtually the entire year prior to the announcement waiting in anticipation for that small bit of information.

Nintendo has now announced the time at which we will finally be able to see exactly what the Nintendo Switch is going to be for us to experience.

We are right at about a month out from this global event, and I am flat-out excited about it. Nintendo is going to finally fully reveal to us what the Nintendo Switch is, and what it will be. With an 11pm ET stream, it immediately says to me this will be a HUGE global presentation that the company is certain will attract eyes from everywhere, regardless of the time.

Will you be tuning in live to watch the Nintendo Switch Presentation? What are you looking forward to seeing most during the January 12 event? What types of surprises do you anticipate?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



One thought on “The Nintendo Switch Presentation Time Has Been Set

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