Has Super Mario Run Re-Defined Success in Smartphone Game Development?

Perceptions on Super Mario Run are a bit hilarious right now. As you may already know, Nintendo released their first smartphone game featuring the company’s iconic Mario character just a few days ago (December 15). Even though the game has only been initially released on iOS platforms, it has performed extremely well. Within the first 4 days after launch the number of downloads was already well into 8 figures.

As impressive as those numbers are, it can also be noted that within the first 24 hours of launch, it was being reported that the game had already produced over $5M in revenue for Nintendo. So, why does it seem that despite these incredible early figures, there are those in the gaming community who are looking for the worst in the game. Some are players who sheepishly ask the question, “Is it worth buying a $10 smartphone game that can be beaten in just a few hours?” Others are those in the media who attempt to point to the company’s stock price as an indicator of the game’s success or failure in the market.

What many of those people fail to realize is, the purpose of Nintendo launching the game on smartphones (and tablets) has multiple aspects. Of course, it is meant to generate revenues for the company, but there is also the TOMA aspect of putting a unique and fairly simple (but also challenging) title on the device that most people keep in-hand virtually all day long. TOMA is top-of-mind-awareness, and the longer something enjoyable remains forefront in your consciousness, the more you become aware of it, even subtly when it meets any of your senses. So, for those people who take the time to really enjoy games, and do so with Super Mario Run, the more they see it, the more they will gravitate toward other similar experiences. Whether those experiences are on currently existing platforms, or on future platforms, understand, Nintendo will satisfy their desire for more.

So, I am trying to understand some people’s apparently obligatory negative perception of all things Nintendo. Why the desire to point out what you perceive to be failures or missteps by the company! It’s interesting that that is not a universal thing we see in particular arenas. In this case, with gaming, it’s not seen on the same scale with Nintendo as, say, with Sony or Microsoft. No company or person is perfect, so we understand there will be flaws, but the pervasiveness of the negativity is smothering. I do understand everyone is different, and they all have preferences, so maybe the number of people who gravitate to the negativity and doom-speak outnumber those of us who seek to embrace those things that bring light and positivity to our personal space. If that is the case, maybe that’s just our uphill battle to fight, but if it isn’t, then perhaps we can allow these words to sink in for a bit to really understand what that is all about.

Have you already downloaded Super Mario Run? Do you have the full version, or the trial version so far? If you don’t have iPhone (or iPad), do you intend to pick up the game when it launches on Android platforms later next year? Do you think 50,000,000+ downloads in less than a week is a disappointing result?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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