Nintendo Switch Day Has Finally Arrived!

00000440_820_461The day that many Nintendo fans have been waiting for for months (even years) has finally come. Today is Nintendo Switch Day–the day that Nintendo finally unveils their newest dedicated home console and much more. Last October, the company shared the reveal trailer with the world and it was received remarkably well. Later we learned about today’s event, and we can breathe a long-waited sigh of relief to know that we made it here.

Over the last few months, weeks, and days, the rumor/leaks generator has been overheating…spewing all kinds of information about the Nintendo Switch, whether true, false, or imagined, the stuff kept coming. It’s easy to see how some people grew weary of the information overload, especially since none of it was able to be confirmed by Nintendo, themselves. Now, though, we will get to see what the company has in-store for their fan base/customers and there is so much to be excited about in anticipation.

I have a few things that I do hope to see,nintendo-switch-treehouse-live “expect” to see, but mostly cannot wait to see. In addition to the live Nintendo Switch Presentation later tonight, January 12, at 11pm EST, there will be the Treehouse Live event tomorrow, showing so much in-depth game play from the games that we will see for the first time tonight.

gliding-in-botwSince I began this site, I have purposely avoided too many of the rumors, and speculation that always seems to take on a life of their own. With the mad flurry of such information in this recent climate, I not only avoided spreading the rumors, but I also wanted to refrain from even participating in the sharing of my predictions, or even wishlists. I will however begin doing some things to bring more content soon, as we are finally going to see the most comprehensive details about the Nintendo Switch, and most things will be able to carry more legitimacy again. Great times are certainly on the way.

So, what new are features of the Nintendo Switch are you looking to see announced tonight? Which games do you expect to see? Which is your most anticipated for release? How many surprises do you think Nintendo will give us? Will you be watching live?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep on gaming!!


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