Nindies Are Starting Out Strong on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo of America hosted a Nindies Showcase today at 12noon EST/9am PST, and it was chock-full of content from the independent developers working with Nintendo on the Nintendo Switch. The presentation showed off several new (and soon to release) games that are sure to bring hours and hours of fun and enjoyment.

There were a few world premieres, timed exclusive announcements, and even console exclusives, as well. Nintendo has been hard at work making sure their relationships are solidly in place to bring various unique experiences.

Take a look at the presentation here:

I really like how the presentation started out, showing the sequel to the critically acclaimed Steamworld Dig from Image & Form. The hotly anticipated Yooka-Laylee was finally confirmed for Nintendo Switch, and even Runner 3 was revealed. The coming months are going to be amazing for Nintendo Switch owners, and there definitely will not be a shortage of content available as Damon Baker shared just how often new games will be releasing from the Nindies community.

Which titles are you most anticipating that were featured in the Nindies Showcase? Were you surprised by any of the announcements? Do you think the strategy for the Nintendo Switch is going to be effective?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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