The Launch We Have Always Wanted?

For some time now, I have been saying that this is truly a great time to be a Nintendo fan. With so many incredible things on the horizon, and even many of the things that we have seen come to fruition in the recent months, the company that I regard as my favorite (aside from my own, of course) is poised to create a brand new Golden Era for themselves, and they know it as well.

When the late President Satoru Iwata passed away in 2015, I stated that his legacy would indeed be felt and seen for the next several years. That prognostic observation is very much the time we are currently experiencing, and it is indeed exciting. As Iwata-san endeavored to lead Nintendo into a place where the Nintendo DNA would be recognized in many different areas, even beyond video games, he worked diligently all the way to the end. The launch of the Nintendo Switch is illustrating full-on what that work has meant to the company.

Nintendo Switch Launch Event - Day 1For about two weeks now, Nintendo’s newest dedicated gaming device, the Nintendo Switch, has been available for gamers to enjoy. That time has certainly seen an outstanding response, and the understanding is that the appeal will only grow stronger as even more wonderful games are released, according to the schedule that the company has shared, already. The steady roll-out of quality gaming experiences was indeed what the company was aiming for with this system, in order to overcome what was arguably the reason for the seemingly early demise of the Wii U.

For some, the launch of the console was indeed an amazing event and will go down as one of the best ever, but then there are others who will question that assessment. I choose to look at the launch of the Nintendo Switch as the start of something incredible! One of the most frustrating things that often presents itself where Nintendo and “critics” are concerned, for me, is the odd way in which it seems that Nintendo must do everything perfectly in order for them to be successful, otherwise they have failed. These absolutes I only find with criticisms of Nintendo, though, when it comes to gaming.

Regardless of their leanings, I choose to see that the early signs are extremely positive, and given the company’s track-record when it comes to things they intentionally hold back on for later reveal, I am confident in their plans going forward. I have written before about the fact that listening to what Nintendo actually does say is much more insightful than assuming you know more about what they have not said. There has always been more to Nintendo consoles than people were able to take advantage of since the NES, and utilization really came down to resources and how much the developers could get out of the console. That aspect is not lost on the Nintendo Switch, either, and there are so many aspects of the consoles that we do know will be addressed in no time. I think it’s just silly for people to judge the console as if it has been on the market for several months (or even years) with regards to the “features” and even to some extent, the current library, even when we know of the games that are very imminent.

On Mar10 Day 2017, Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime visited the set of CBS This Morning to continue to share the tales of the successful launch of the Nintendo Switch.

My advice…just relax a little bit. At the end of the day, gaming consoles should always be primarily judged on whether the gaming experiences had, are memorable and enjoyable. Some would classify that as fun (as do I), and others may look at other reactions/emotions, but either way, as long as they are positive responses, then that would spell a successful console. And the more people who personally experience them, the more successful that console has been. Nowhere near the number of experiences that will be had on the Nintendo Switch will be had in the first two weeks of the console’s life cycle, so it’s probably best to have a modicum of perspective. There is a reason the company has so much confidence in this console, and this is the most veteran gaming company in the industry. They do know what they are doing!

How do you feel about the first two weeks of the Nintendo Switch’s launch? Do you expect to see more from the console soon? How much do you expect the console’s perceptions will differ once more people have them in-hand? What about when more “features” are active?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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