Nintendo Begins Promoting For ARMS

Nintendo has begun to promote their new IP and potentially next big hit game, ARMS. This new game is slated for a Spring release, and it appears that release is coming very quickly. Today is the start of Vernal Equinox (Spring) and so what better time to begin the campaign to promote this game than today!

From the very first time I saw ARMS, I was very excited about its potential and impending release on the Nintendo Switch. With a unique array of characters, various weapon sets, and dynamic game play, this game could be as intensive as many other multiplayer experiences from Nintendo.

Since this is a new Intellectual Property from the company, it’s imperative for them to ensure players become familiarized with the characters because each one has their own uniqueness. For the past 30+ years Nintendo has created a lasting video game culture that has centered around iconic characters, and ARMS is going to be no exception as we begin getting to know some of the characters that will populate the game.

Much like the start of the immense hit, Splatoon, Nintendo is making it possible to embrace just a little of the game’s charm, initially. These first five characters are the same ones that we knew about following the reveal of the game. Now, we are finding out a little more in-depth information on them. What’s more is one of the “concerns” I heard following the game’s initial reveal was the idea that the number of playable characters may be too small. It was always pretty evident that there would be more characters than these initial five, but apparently not for everyone. Now, there is no doubt following the confirmation from Nintendo via Twitter.

Get an in-depth look at some of the characters coming to #ARMS, as well as their unique moves!

What was your initial impression of ARMS? Are you excited about the game, yet? Do you plan on picking up the game when it is released? Which is your favorite character, so far?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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