An Overview of the Gear in Splatoon 2

Nintendo has shared some new details on the newest entry in the phenomenal hit Splatoon franchise. Splatoon uses a load-out system for players to customize their game play by focusing on differing abilities as dictated by the “gear” that their “Inklings” wear during battle. With various weapon types and gear types, players are able to create the playing experience that appeals to them specifically.

For players who are familiar with the franchise from the first game, they are already accustomed to the gear, and leveling up their abilities. Many players look to customizing their Inklings appearance primarily according to style, and others primarily through ability/function. Then of course, there are those who will employ a strategy that focuses on both. Either way, Inkling gear is vitally important to a player’s game, so be sure to check out the quick overview below so that you are ready for battle this Summer.

Nintendo is doing an amazing job of maintaining the early progress and momentum of their new dedicated home gaming device, the Nintendo Switch. With the deliberate actions that the company is taking, their ordered steps are paying off wonderfully well, and the momentum is definitely pointing in the right direction. As Nintendo continues to create more and more demand for the system by showcasing, promoting, and releasing new and exciting games, the key is to continue to maintain sufficient supply. As long as they are able to do that, the Nintendo Switch will, indeed, remain a momentum device!

How do you like the gear that we have seen so far? Will you customize gear based on appearance, or based on ability?Are you anticipating getting your hands on Splatoon 2 immediately at release?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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