The Information Keeps on Coming In…

Just as Nintendo prepares to create their latest E3 experience next week, the company is preparing to host 3 separate Invitational tournaments during the event. Of course, leading into the tourneys, Nintendo is giving fans an opportunity to know a little more about the games that will be shown off, competitively. One such game is, of course, Splatoon 2.

Last week, Nintendo of America released a Splat Chat video on their Official YouTube channel illustrating some of what it takes to play competitively well in the new game. They have released a second Splat Chat video today that talks about a few things like weapon choice, and even changes to certain maps.

The march to E3 2017 is officially on, and Nintendo is setting the table for some incredible activities over that 3-day period. It is going to be amazing seeing first-time footage and game play from upcoming games that we will have the opportunity to play very soon. Nintendo has already stated that their E3 coverage will focus on games that are coming in 2017. So that means like many times before, we will not be inundated by promises of long-off experiences. We will soon be able to enjoy them.

Also of note, Nintendo of America has created a new Twitter account dedicated to the competitive gaming scene called Nintendo Versus.

What are you most looking forward to from this year’s E3? Are you excited to see how the Invitational tournaments go? Would you like to participate if this becomes a continually competitive event at E3?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


Weekend Review — So Much Now and Much More to Come!

There have been an awful lot of news-worthy things to occur this week, and we were able to catch some of them. We celebrated 30, we got presidential, some things were changed around, we got to explore even more, we ran into a delay, we got more than a million, and now we are festive again!

Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary logoThe week began with the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the release of the original Super Mario Bros. in 1985. One of the most iconic video game characters/franchises of all-time is now 30 and quite possibly, with the release of Super Mario Maker, as fresh as ever.

On Monday, Nintendo named Tatsumi Kimishima the company’s newest, and 5th-ever President. This move is seen as a temporary measure as the company is in the midst of transitioning from the current console generations for handheld and for home, along with the company’s foray into smart devices, as well. Kimishima-san also said as much in remarks he made to The Nikkei shortly after he was announced as the new President.

Following the Presidential news, we also learned that Corporate Nintendo would be implementing some restructuring to take effect on Wednesday, September 16. This restructuring saw Mr. Miyamoto and Mr. Takeda take on all-new roles, along with the creation of new divisions for the advancement of the company into the completely new and unseen future.

This week also saw the release of a new SplatoonHammerhead Bridge map to conquer for players. The new map, named Hammerhead Bridge, is big on verticality, and split into to two distinct paths. So be sure to put in the work to master this new map at every opportunity you get.

Miyamoto-san announced a delay in the highly anticipated Wii U title, Star Fox Zero much to the dismay of many fans. However disappointing the news is though, many fans either felt it would happen anyway, or they seem to understand that it was truly necessary.

Super Mario Maker fans were greeted with the news that in the single week since the game’s release, users had uploaded more than one million levels already. The number of levels available to players already is absolutely astounding, and will only prove to increase exponentially as time passes.

And on Saturday, the fifth Splatfest was held, themed Art versus Science, and Art won by a fairly slim margin.

We saw plenty of new this week. There were also some things that did not make the share column here in the blog, but they still bear repeating.

Today, Skylanders SuperChargers races onto the Wii U and 3DS. New retail releases are usually done on Fridays in NA, but this Sunday release from Activision is bringing something special and unique to the table.

Skylanders is packing some major star power with the introduction of two of Nintendo’s iconic characters — Donkey Kong and Bowser — as guest stars in Skylanders SuperChargers for the first time in Skylanders history. The characters, along with their specially created vehicles will be available exclusively in Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Packs for the Nintendo platforms. These special Skylanders will be playable in both Skylanders SuperChargers and select amiibo-compatible games with a simple twist of the character’s base, so players can store their saved data in both modes with a simple twist of the figure’s base.

Also this week, Wii U owners were treated to the news that Xenoblade Chronicles X will come with 4 FREE DLC characters to help out with our adventures.

The four additional characters for Xenoblade Chronicles X are Axana, Boze, HB, and Yelve. Each character has two unique Special Arts and blueprints, and becomes playable after completing the three quests tied to them.

We also learned that several key Wii U and Nintendo 3DS releases became available for pre-orders, including Special Editions and retailer-exclusives. There are lots of reasons to be an excited Nintendo fan right now, so be sure to be prepared for all of the great content coming your way in a very short period of time.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


Ready, Set, Launch!!

This is your Weekend Review for the week of September 12! What’s going on?!

So, this week we were maintained, spread aSMM Early Reviews few rumors, launched, got brand new, and learned about another festive event.

We started out the week pretty slowly coming out of the Labor Day holiday with a little bit of eShop maintenance on the back end, that didn’t show much of a difference for the user experience. Of course, that’s not surprising as any major overhauls may be quite a ways off, if at all for the current systems at this stage.

We also kind of jumped into the NX rumors party a bit. That was pretty interesting, and even if much of that does not come to fruition, just the thought of so much attention being paid to what MAY be is a good sign for an attentive audience when it comes time to put money in place of words for fans.

Splatoon fans got some welcome news this week, as well. Not only have they been treated to yet another new weapon to splat with in their Turf Wars and Ranked Battles, but there was also the announcement of an all-new Splatfest incoming next week.

And then probably the biggest of all bigs happened to end the week, as Super Mario Maker released worldwide. This game has been highly anticipated for more than a year for many, and now it is available to the masses.

In addition:

There were a few other things that Nintendo introduced to the public this week that really came as a surprise to everyone. One of those main things was the unveiling of Pokemon GO.

There are plenty of things that Nintendo has on the table and many more things that will soon be coming, as well, and it will have Nintendo fans busy doing what they should be doing best, and that is playing their games. That is exactly what Iwata-san would have wanted, and that is what we will get for the remainder of this year, and hopefully for a long time to come.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!

Oh, and by the way…the Treehouse staff went LIVE this week sharing some great things within the newly-released Super Mario Maker. Check them out below:

Weekend Review–What’s Going On? (7)

This has been a wonderful week and it is continuing to be so as the week comes to an end. Throughout this week, we have learned how special we are, our New is now regular, we became digitally available, got updated, started learning to survive, were YouTube challenged, and then we got locked and loaded once again.

The Weekend Review is a simple means of summing up this week’s news, and also getting a head start on the next.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Special EditionWe started this week at the tail-end of PAX Prime and Nintendo treated North American fans to some much-welcomed news regarding Xenoblade Chronicles X. Like many other regions, we will have access to a Special Edition of the game at retail. Included with the game, are a game-model-inspired USB drive with the OST, a full-color art book, and a matted art card. And of course, this SE is unique to North America.

Nintendo of America also announced that the NewNew Nintendo 3DS AC Bundle Nintendo 3DS will be coming to North America, finally, via an Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer bundle. In addition, a Hyrule Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL system will launch exclusively in GameStop stores on Oct. 30. We will also be getting three new Wii Remote Plus special designs in Bowser, Toad and Yoshi very soon.

Another thing of note that we learned this week is that Nintendo and Amazon have Amazon 'a' Logoresolved much of their early Wii U-lifespan issues, and gone even further by allowing digital purchases of several Wii U and 3DS games now. Many retail and even VC games can now be purchased through the site, and customers will be given a Digital Code to redeem in the eShop. This is similar to in-store purchases at retailers like GameStop who then given customers a download code to take home. Obviously the benefits of this on Amazon as it would be in-store, would be the ability to take advantage of purchase bonuses and exclusive incentives, as well as purchase options (i.e. gift cards, PayPal, etc.).

Splatoon player were treated to a new updateSpinner Weapon which brought several new things to game. Players were treated to updated stages, some weapon adjustments, and ranked mode adjustments, as well. These adjustments made it possible for the newest weapon to be added to the game last night.

Nintendo of America is getting so close to the finished localization of Xenoblade Chronicles X, the excitement is almost palpable. With the news of the Special Edition for NA being revealed this week, we are moving into the promotion period for this game. Part of that means giving more strategic info on such a massive game. The first episode of the Survival Guide was released this week, and it was informative and very interesting. Really looking forward to the rest of the series as it releases leading up to the launch of the game on December 4.

Super Mario Maker Super Creator ChallengeNintendo of America also took to YouTube to find the latest set of challengers to compete and find the best level creators in the company’s soon-to-be-released mega hit, Super Mario Maker. A set of videos showcasing the creation and play of five different custom Super Mario Maker levels were shared, featuring YouTube personalities.

In addition:

Nintendo will also be airing the 2015 Nintendo World Championships on DisneyXD on September 16 at 8pm ET/PT. The Championships were initially held prior the start of E3 2015, and streamed online. Re-airing them on the Disney network is fantastic, and goes a long way toward continuing to keep Nintendo on the minds of consumers, especially as we get closer to the holiday season.

There are so many great things happening right now in the world of Nintendo, and for its fans. We have fun, exciting and relevant games to play right now. We have games coming out soon, and more after that. And so much more to look forward to. This is a wonderful time to be a gaming fan.

I hope you enjoyed your week, and have a remarkable one to look to next.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


Weekend Review–What’s Going On? (6)

This week, Nintendo was far from shy about sharing information on so many different things. We were made privy to dates, we got commercialized, we got so big we went MEGA, got more commercialized, got to run with friends, we even battled, we were present and accounted for, we were even more-bo’d, were given more splat power, and then we fested! A lot to cover!

To start out the week, Nintendo released theNintendo infographic Updated details on their Holiday releases. They updated dates on games, and amiibo for the remainder of the year, and there’s a lot that will be coming very soon.

Nintendo of America released several new ads this week, as well. First we saw new ads for Super Mario Maker, and later for Splatoon. These new ads are just more effort to get the word out about one incredible Wii U game that is breaking records as Nintendo’s newest smash hit, and the other for a nostalgic new look at the company’s most iconic character and series.

From there, we were treated to a new potentially huge Nindie in Runbow. 13AM Games released the 9-player multiplayer runner this week, and it’s already building up momentum.

In addition to all of the Wii U love, Nintendo made sure to give a great amount of attention to the newest addition to the Nintendo 3DS’ games lineup, as well. Little Battlers eXperience has been given to the world, and Nintendo held an event to launch the game and the animated series this week.

Announced early in the week, NintendoMega Yarn Yoshi somewhat doubled down on amiibo. Not only did we get release dates on the majority of the announced amiibo, but we also had an all-new announcement, as well. Nintendo shared that we will be getting a Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo.

At the end of the week, Splatoon players in North America are competing to find out which is the better team in the latest Splatfest. #TeamAutobots versus #TeamDecepticons are battling it out over the 24 hours from midnight August 29 to midnight August 30. In addition to the Splatfest, two new weapons were also introduced to the game on Friday evening.

Ending the week, and really still going, Nintendo is fully engaged in the festivities at PAX Prime in Seattle, WA this weekend. With activities scheduled throughout the weekend, there will be plenty of information to come. In fact, part of the festivities planned by Nintendo was the Nindies@Night event held Shovel Knight amiibo 2Thursday evening. During the event, Yacht Club Games unveiled the Shovel Knight amiibo. With more on the schedule, stay tuned for more detailed information from PAX Prime.

Stay tuned for more, as the news will continually be coming in for the remainder of the weekend due to the ongoing events of PAX Prime.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!

Weekend Review–What’s Going On? (5)

This past week has been a very heavy information-laden week. We got booked, we were updated, we completed the hack, were notified of a fest, got new Nindie news, got a mega-Maker info dump, opened up to new heights, and began a new round of tests.

Nintendo gave fans word that the full color Idea Book that comes with the retail copies of Super Mario Maker would also be available to all digital customers, as well. This was a welcome revelation, as many people wondered if the Idea Book would be available, and in which form it would be.

This week there was also a quick system update for the Wii U. The update was only to remove the Nintendo TVii icons from the menus and to boost system stability. In all likelihood we are past anymore major system updates for the Wii U going forward. I could be wrong, but if we are indeed closing in on the launch of a new platform, we should be finished with major updates. Of course, those don’t include stability updates and such.

Nintendo of America released all three videos that showcased the Facebook Hackathon event that took place last month at Facebook HQ. Videos one and two were released prior to this Weekend Review, and video three will be available in this blog later today. Be sure to check them all out.

The good scientists from the Squid Research Lab informed us that there will be another Splatfest in North America next week. This time the theme will be Transformers, and the sides will of course, Autobots vs. Decepticons. They also informed us of a new map in Splatoon that became available Thursday evening. This new map is called Flounder Heights, and the praise for it has already begun to pour in from players.

There was also quite a bit of Nindie news, as Nintendo of America will be hosting a Nindies@Night event the night before PAX Prime begins. There were also new screenshots of Oddworld: New & Tasty released to keep the fans attention. We were also reassured that the game is coming very soon for the Wii U.

Super Mario Maker also saw a flood of new information as many gaming media outlets were finally permitted to share full game footage, and they certainly took advantage. We were able to get a look at the multiple title screens, see many of the tools available in the game, hear many of the sound effects, and even see some of the amiibo transformations.

Then, there was also the announcement of a new Splatoon Testfire for the weekend. Two hours per day from Friday through Sunday, anyone who has not had the pleasure of picking up Splatoon yet, can participate in a FREE weekend with the game during the allotted time with the Testfire event.

All of this week’s Nintendo information was vast and very welcome! The more information we get about highly anticipated and soon-coming games, as well as improvements and updates to current ones, the better it is for us.This generation of gaming for Nintendo fans is continually impressing more and more.

As more of the week came to an end, there was even more information that came out.

It appears that more amiibo restocks are amiibo Checkliston the way, as Nintendo’s compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act filings have listed new entries for previously released amiibo. Several rare amiibo like Little Mac, Lucario, Captian Falcon, Wario, and the Splatoon amiibo 3-pack are among the filings. This is surely great news for the amiibo collectors among us, and for those who just wanted to get their hands on these particular amiibo. Either way, it’s incredible to see Nintendo responding to the demand.

In addition to that, during the Pokemon Championships, it was announced that Pokken Tournament will not only be launching globally in the Spring of 2016, but it will be coming to Wii U. Many people have been anticipating this news since the very first glimpse of screenshot was seen a couple years ago during the announcement for Pokemon X/Y.

Remember this?

The announcement trailer for Pokken Tournament is below:

Then there was also the discovery of a New Nintendo Patent - No Optical Drivenew patent filing by Nintendo of a stationary gaming device that does not house an optical disc drive. Now, the rumor mill is churning out its usual wares, so many people are speculating on the range of this device being the NX to this being a somewhat down-scaled Wii U alternative console; sort of a Wii U Mini. I won’t go very much into my own thoughts on it yet, but I may weigh in on it once I have had the chance to look more into it myself.

Enough news, updates, and information to keep you occupied for the weekend, I’m sure. So, with that I hope you have enjoyed this Weekend Review.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


Weekend Review–What’s Going On? (4)

This week has been fairly informative for Nintendo fans. Nintendo has supplied us with footage, running, more making, and new splatting.

The start of this week was the end of Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, and Nintendo took the opportunity to show of lots game play footage for their upcoming games. Among those games being shown was StarFox Zero. We were able to see some never-before-seen footage from the game.

We also got some more information on coming Wii U exclusive Nindie, Runbow by 13AM Games. In a launch trailer, we found out about guest characters, and the release date. This title was a part of the Nindies@Home promotion that the company ran going into E3 2015.

Splatoon RainmakerIn addition to that, this week saw even more incredible information on the coming HIT Super Mario Maker! We learned that players will have the opportunity to create extremely unique stages with never before seen features like sound effects, visual effects, and even custom voice recordings.We also learned that the creator tools will need to be unlocked over a series of days, as well as massive amiibo support.

Then of course, we got yet another update for Splatoon, in which we finally saw the last announced Ranked Battle mode, called Rainmaker. This mode calls for players to battle it out to capture the Rainmaker trophy and transport it the enemy base. The Rainmaker however can also be used as a offensive weapon which adds a fantastic twist to the battle.

Last week, there were a series of articles and writings from certain revelations that were shared on a podcast featuring Nintendo Treehouse employee Chris Pranger. In fact, I intended to finish listening to the podcast and share my thoughts on all that he revealed. However, this week we learned that he has since been fired by Nintendo of America! I do intend to share a blog later next week in reference to this situation, but in the meanwhile, did you expect this outcome when you heard about his participation in the podcast? Do you feel it was fair?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!

Bonus Videos: