Nintendo Announces the Nintendo Switch Presentation

Shortly after Nintendo revealed their newest home gaming system , the Nintendo Switch, they notified us that no additional information was going to be shared until 2017. Many people wondered if that meant January or February for more details. I always assumed that to mean fairly early in January to give the most time for promotion prior to release in March (also likely the second or third week in the month–my prediction).

Now, however, we know that Nintendo has scheduled their Nintendo Switch Presentation for a live stream blowout on January 12, 2017.

Following the reveal and subsequent information regarding additional details, a lot of people felt it was a mistake to not give more right away. Questions about whether the company should “strike while the iron was hot” were swirling. There were others who immediately hoped that Nintendo would not give any more details until January, allowing the reveal trailer to stand on its own for a while.

It looks like Nintendo had the exact same idea, as now we will begin to get a deluge of details, events, and more starting on January 12. In addition to the live stream presentation which will take place at Tokyo Big Sight on the 12th, there will also be live hands-on events for media and analysts taking place at the Tokyo Big Sight on the 13th and 14th (13th-15th Tokyo time). There will also be events held in the US and Europe at times around there, as well. Currently the exact times have not been announced, but I do expect to get more on that as we get closer to the event. Nintendo has also made it known that the event is open to the public, so anyone who can make it to Tokyo on these dates can be among the first to actually get hands-on with the brand new Nintendo Switch!

This three-day event is absolutely how I envisioned the reveal of the “NX” to be, and the initial reveal trailer is all bonus, in my opinion. What I am most excited about is the fact that the company is showing how dedicated they are to giving the Nintendo Switch an amazing launch and are committed to giving it an incredible launch library.

What do you expect we will see along the lines of additional “secrets” regarding the Nintendo Switch features? What games do you hope to see from the launch lineup? Will you try to make it to witness the event live?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



The Start of Something Special

Thursday, March 17, 2016 marked the day that Nintendo NY opened up the doors and welcomed players and spectators alike for a Pokkén Tournament Early Access competition. 16 competitors faced off in the new game that released today, and two winners were crowned, one each from the two divisions (Senior – born from 2001 and later, and Master – born 2000 and earlier).

The tournament was streamed live on Nintendo’s media channels and the competition was fierce from start to finish. The event lasted for just over 4:30 hours, but it was great to watch all of the contestants battle it out to see who would eventually be crowned champion. Nintendo of America also live-tweeted the event throughout, so a lot of the details were made available for those unable to watch live.

The first competition saw the Senior Division competitors’ Quarterfinals rounds take place which set up an incredible slate of Semifinalists.

From there, we saw the competition move on to the Masters Division which was structured in the same manner. That Semifinals bracket was as such:

Afterward, the exhibition tourney between all of the trainers took place. The winner of that competition was Trainer Justin Wong.

From that point forward, it was all about the Seniors and Masters Divisions’ Semifinals and Finals, respectively. Squaring off in the Finals were the young competitors, Wayland and Cayden. Their battle was epic, and even came down the the final deciding round of the final game of a best 3 out of 5 games Final. There was even the drama of the winner having to come from behind to win after being down 2 games to 1 early.

The Masters competed at a very frenzied pace, and all of the competitors really put on an incredible show. The Finals came down to a battle between Jeffrey and Tevin, and a tough battle, it was.

This competition was so exciting to watch, especially as it went on and got more intense. Watching the competitors play this game, even as it is still very new, really did create an excessive level of anticipation for me, and I am sure it did the same for many other viewers, as well. I highly recommend picking the game up if it was even remotely on your radar. The game play was described, on site, as a mix of several different fighting games, but still with  a style all its own.

Are you excited to play Pokkén Tournament? Were you able to watch the competition yesterday? Will you be picking it up today? Or have you already picked it up? Who do you think will be your favorite Pokémon to play with?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!

And if you’d like to watch the competition once again, or even for the first time, feel free to check it out below:



Nintendo Treehouse Will Be Hosting a Livestream of Super Mario Maker Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Treehouse of Nintendo of America will be hosting a livestream on Twitch. They will be showing off Super Mario Maker in what they’re calling a level design workshop.

This should be really exciting. We haven’t seen the folks from the Treehouse since E3 2015. Nintendo is doing a lot to promote the game that will be released on Friday, September 11.

The release of Super Mario Maker has been a long time coming, and it is understandably highly anticipated. Are you excited to watch the livestream? Will you be picking up Super Mario Maker at launch?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!