New Pokémon Direct Tomorrow Morning

Nintendo announced that the company will holding a Nintendo Direct in the morning. This Direct will be focused on Pokémon, and presumably the company’s plans for the rumored, yet unannounced, Nintendo Switch offering.

In one week, Nintendo’s E3 will kick off with their Nintendo Spotlight presentation, followed by the Treehouse Live streams, but it seems the company wants to lead into the event next week by sharing some potentially blockbuster news this week.

It will definitely be interesting to see what the company does with this 8-minute video presentation, and I look forward to seeing it all. The company has a track record of sharing big news leading into E3, with mixed results to follow, but with all that Nintendo has been doing to push forward their message and advance their momentum, I am supremely confident that their recent history will go a long way toward establishing a winning week ahead.

Are you a Pokémon fan? What do you expect to see during the Direct? Do you think this is foreshadowing for the coming E3 information?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


The April 12th Nintendo Direct

c9pwjhpvoaexbnmAnnounced two days in advance, Nintendo aired their newest Nintendo Direct presentation on Wednesday evening, and it primarily focused on two upcoming Nintendo Switch titles. When it was shared via Twitter, we were told that the focus would indeed be on Splatoon 2 and ARMS, which are both due to release very soon, as Spring and Summer games. It was also shared that along with the Nintendo Switch, there was also to be Nintendo 3DS game coverage, as well.

This Nintendo Direct was fantastic, and full of details on many things known and unknown. From some smaller titles to highly anticipated titles due out through the remainder of the year, we were treated to a great variety of game experiences on the horizon (and even a couple things right away).

So as there were so many specific details throughout the entire Nintendo Direct, I will talk more on highlights and some of the points that stood out to me. In the meanwhile, below is the full video of the Nintendo Direct, in case you were unable to watch before.

The Nintendo Direct started out with the Nintendo 3DS and I really enjoyed the pace of the new information, as the details came across in more of a news feed/report with a lot to share in a small space of time. A lot of great content coming to the system throughout the rest of the year, too, so Nintendo 3DS owners have a lot to look forward to.

Some of the titles that stood out to me the most during the Nintendo 3DS portion were Hey! Pikmin due out July 28 alongside accompanying Pikmin amiibo, Miitopia set to launch in North America later this year, and then there is Team Kirby Clash Deluxe which actually is free-to-start and available right away, following the presentation.

Along with the Pikmin amiibo, a few other amiibo sets were mentioned/announced, as well. June 23 will see the release of three new Legend of Zelda series amiibo, depicting Link from the Majora’s Mask era, Twilight Princess era, and Skyward Sword era. Also, the final three remaining amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. set (as previously announced) will become available on July 21, as well as a new set of Splatoon 2-themed amiibo (Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, and Inkling Squid form).

c9pur5ju0aaojnhFor the Nintendo Switch, the company did not hold back much in the way of forthcoming content, and that’s fantastic for the brand new console. A steady stream of new games to play, and experiences to be had, have been promised to Nintendo Switch owners since the days, week, and even months leading to its release on March 3. Now, that promise is being held by the company is a major way. Over the next few months, there will be quite a few titles releasing for the console and they all vary in genre, and should appeal to most any taste of gamer out there looking for some seriously fun gaming.

From the introduction of the new characterc9pqo2vvwaaies Min Min from ARMS, to new details in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, to the new mode coming to Splatoon 2, called Salmon Run, there are gems for everyone. We know that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe launches on April 28, in just a couple of weeks, but then Minecraft fans have something to look forward to on May 11. Shortly after that, Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers is set to release on the 26th of May. We were finally able to get the release dates on both ARMS and Splatoon 2, June 16, and July 21, respectively.



c9psrhdumaaqldmIt was fantastic to see so much information packed into a wonderfully paced Nintendo Direct, and aside from the fact that I really enjoyed it, especially knowing that we had not really had one of this nature in quite some time, it was refreshing, to say the least. I will, however, give my additional thoughts in an upcoming post, so be on the lookout for that soon. Until then, tell me what you liked best about the Nintendo Direct.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!

A New Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct Set for Today

In case you missed it, in all of the recent Nintendo news coming out of the Nintendo Switch Presentation/events, the company has scheduled a new Nintendo Direct for today. The Direct will be focusing on the Fire Emblem series.

As we have been aware for some time, the company is positioning to release a Fire Emblem smartphone game. We were also made aware of a new Fire Emblem Warriors game coming to the Nintendo Switch at some point soon.

From the announcement, the company shares that the Direct will focus on “Fire Emblem titles”, so this should really be exciting. I am not sure, yet, how long the Direct will be, but seeing that we had a full hour-long event less than a week ago, I imagine it won’t be terribly long. I do however, expect it to be a good amount of great information.

Will you be tuning in for the Nintendo Direct? What do you expect to see from the company regarding the Fire Emblem series? When do you think we will see the smartphone game release?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!

Pokémon Direct in the Morning

Nintendo has announced that the latest Nintendo Direct will be a Pokémon-focused Direct event and will take place this morning, Friday, February 26, at 10am EDT/7am PDT.

There has been a lot of speculation about what will/may be covered, and even some early “leaked” information that very well may or may not be accurate. Unfortunately, if it does turn out to be accurate info (and it appears it may be), that does steal some of Nintendo’s shine for an official event. Especially since so little information has been coming directly from the company lately.

It will be interesting to see ALL of the information that Nintendo intends to share, however. I will be sure to provide continuing details about the Direct afterward.

Click to Watch Here!

Do you intend to watch the Pokémon Direct live in the morning? Are you a big Pokémon fan? What do you anticipate seeing during the Direct?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!

The Final Smash Direct Was Amazing!

The final Smash Direct presentation took place earlier today, December 15 at 5pm EDT/2pm PDT. Masahiro Sakurai delivered his last Direct presentation for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS. As it has been more than a year since the release of the game on both Nintendo 3DS and then Wii U, the game has seen several updates, balances, and DLC in the form of Mii Fighter outfits and new characters for the roster.

The final presentation was chock-full of new information, and when it was finished, it seemed as if it flew by much quicker than the timed 33-minute video.

Smash CorrinThe first new character revealed was immediately after the presentation began, with the opening cinematic that showed Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates as the newest challenger to enter the fray. Corrin is, of course, coming from a game that has still not launched in the West, but has been available in Japan for quite some time. With many of the unique movesets and features with this character, be sure to check out the video below for the trailer and details. Corrin is expected to be available February 2016 and will sell for 3DS: $4.99/Wii U: $4.99; 3DS/Wii U: $5.99 in the US.

The second new character revealed Smash Cloudtoday was Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, and he has a plethora of unique moves. Again, for a full breakdown of his moveset be sure to watch the video below. In addition to the new character, there is also a new stage, Midgar, to battle it out on. Midgar, of course, is a stage from Final Fantasy VII that has special attributes unique to it such as new assists called Summon Materia that affect the environment as opposed to directly attacking the fighters. These effects are called by the names Ifrit, Ramuh, Odin, Leviathan, and Bahamut ZERO. Cloud Strife is to become available today, and their pricing is to be 3DS: $5.99/Wii U: $5.99; 3DS/Wii U: $6.99.

Sakurai-san then announced several Mii Fighter Costumes such as a Chocobo hat, a Geno gunner from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, both thanks to the great relationship with Square Enix. Also, there are Bionic Armor, a Takamaru Sword Fighter costume, Ashley from Wario Ware as a Sword Fighter, Gil from The Tower of Druaga as a Sword Fighter, and from Sonic the Hedgehog are Tails (as a Gunner) and Knuckles (as a Brawler). Also, there are several Mii Fighter costumes/characters available to download from the official Smash Bros. website via QR codes.

Smash BayonettaSakurai-san then announced that the last new fighter for Super Smash Bros. trailer was coming, and the anticipation was palpable. As soon as it started the trailer showed a generic fight between Pit, Bowser, and Samus Aran. After the battle Pit is warned by Palutena not to get comfortable because a new challenger was approaching. Immediately after the “secret” character said, “Ahh, another angel…I must have missed one!” and that still shot of the moon for a few seconds, I shouted “Bayonetta!!!” That’s when she appeared on screen. My hype level went completely through the roof! There was the addition of a new stage (Umbra clock tower) from the original Bayonetta. There are also the unique aspects of play with Bayonetta’s moveset as she employs her Umbra summons, the bullet arts, Witch Time, taunts, and the ability to create combination moves. Nintendo is looking for a February release for Bayonetta in Smash, as well.

As has been stated before, all fighters will have an amiibo figure, Sakurai-san shared that amiibo development is confirmed for all announced characters! (Cloud, Corrin, Bayonetta)

To see the the Smash Direct, watch below:

So, with all of these announcements and updates, Sakurai-san concluded the Direct, and with it, all additional DLC for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS. Since its release, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS has continually delivered additional content that many have truly enjoyed, and others have deemed unnecessary. However, no matter what, all of that content was optional, and had appeal to someone who welcomed it with enthusiasm. This content will be the same, and honestly, I believe the Direct was one of the very best in the entire series.

Did you enjoy this Direct presentation? How well do you think Nintendo did in getting the information out to us? Were you surprised by the announcements or had spoilers gotten to you?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!

Final Smash-Centric Presentation

Nintendo announced this morning that the much-anticipated Super Smash Bros. Presentation that was promised during the recent Nintendo Direct on November 12. Many fans have been wondering exactly when that presentation was scheduled to take place and we now have a date and time.

With this announcement, we know that we will hear more information about Cloud Strife, of Final Fantasy VII, and more. This should be a very informative presentation, and I am looking forward to seeing it and finding out more of the undisclosed, new information that Masahiro Sakurai has in store for this final presentation.

Will you be tuning in for the Super Smash Bros. Presentation? What do you anticipate seeing next Tuesday in the presentation? How do you expect the Smash Ballot fighter(s) results will turn out?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!

Nintendo Direct Recap Part 1 — Time-Sensitive Info

Today we saw the first Nintendo Direct since the passing of late-President Satoru Iwata back in July, 2015. Nintendo Direct was one of Iwata-san’s crowning achievements at Nintendo, giving fans an intimate and personal look at what is heading their way. Nintendo Directs have come to mean a lot to so many people, and it’s great to see their return.

With this latest Direct, I will be taking to breaking it all down in separate parts. This first installment will be dealing with the most relevant information, time-wise. Nintendo of America announced several key things that are currently ready for your attention, as you read, or will be within a matter of hours.

WiiU_TLoZTwighlightPrincessHD_bundleWith the start of the Direct, Nintendo introduced The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. Many have been speculating for weeks now, that this game would be coming to Wii U, and most were simply awaiting confirmation. Well, confirmation is what we received, and though its release date is not until March 4, 2016, preorders for the game (and the special edition) are open today (technically yesterday, after the Direct).

Also yesterday, a special Splatoon update went live, and with it, a large number of subsequent add-on content will be heading our way. As early as this evening at 9pm EDT/6pm PDT, Splatoon players will be getting first looks at the new map, Museum d’Alfonsino. There are other things to note about Splatoon in the coming weeks and months, but for now we will go with the most time-sensitive.

Another key release coming today is Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. Interestingly, this game has not garnered a lot of support from many fans, but I believe it is drawing the short straw with them. Many were disappointed that it was not the full feature Animal Crossing game that most wanted/expected it to be. Many erroneous reports continued to be spread within the community about the game, such as a free-to-play model, and strictly board game modes, but of course that was addressed during the Treehouse Live @E3 streams. Though it seemed no one else was paying attention, it has again been confirmed that there is more to the game than the board game aspect.

Though Xenoblade Chronicles X is scheduled for release on December 4, there are several things that can be done currently for those folks looking to pick up the game, whether retail or digital. For retail customers, there are 4 downloadable data packs to help the game run faster that are available to download right now, at no charge. For those looking to acquire the game digitally, the game and be pre-purchased and pre-loaded right away, as well.

These titles, along with some previously released games, like YoKai Watch, and Badge Arcade (both on Nintendo 3DS) were also addressed among the most time-sensitive games, but stay tuned for a much more in-depth look at what was shared, overall.

I came away from the Nintendo Direct knowing that a lot of great things are happening inside the company and for fans, and really anticipating many more great things to come. As more hours pass since the Direct, and there are those who have shared their opinions, it is becoming quite clear that there will be a lot of things that I will be addressing, even beyond simply sharing the details.

Will you be taking advantage of these things coming available right away? How did you enjoy the Nintendo Direct? Were your expectations met? Exceeded?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!