Flavorful Partnerships

Nintendo is doing a lot of different and even remarkable things to promote their brand new console this Summer, and leading into the Fall/Winter seasons. As a large bulk of the company’s populace are moving into their Summer break from school, this unique promoting is to not only get the word out about the system, but also to generate more anticipation for it.

It is no secret that the demand is/remains extremely high for the Nintendo Switch, so having the opportunity to get your hands on the system is proving a little difficult for many. In situations like these, where supply and demand are quite effectively feeding each other, it is vitally important to make sure interest remains high throughout. That is where partnerships like the one that Nintendo has created with Pepsi/Frito-Lay play such a pivotal role.

Brand awareness is important, and connecting Nintendo Switch with staple brands like Pepsi and Frito-Lay are incredible, even for a “HOT” item like this because it goes a long way toward making sure that especially throughout this first year on the market, the company has its highest possible level of interest and enthusiasm for the console.

The next time you pick up a Frito-Lay Variety Pack, one of the flagship brands from PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division, you also might pick up a Nintendo Switch gaming system. Between now and July 8, Frito-Lay is giving away one Nintendo Switch system and a game every single hour! Specially marked Frito-Lay Variety Packs contain information about how U.S. residents can enter for a chance to win.

I like the way in which this type of promotion is coming at the start of Summer vacation, because as students are getting out of school, parents are buying snacks like these for the kids who are home a good majority of the day. Something to snack on is a necessity. So, why not pair the two and make it a win for both partners! Why not?!

“Nintendo Switch sprung out of the gate as the fastest-selling Nintendo home system in history,” said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “It’s no secret that snacks and video games have always gone together, and this is a great chance for people to get their hands on a Nintendo Switch and a game.”

Even for those of us who are “past school age”, we still like our snacks as well, and when you’re talking about the Frito-Lay brand, you can’t really go wrong.

Frito-Lay Variety Pack includes pre-portioned bags of everyone’s favorite Frito-Lay snacks, such as: Cheetos cheese flavored snacks, Doritos tortilla chips, Fritos corn snacks, Funyun’s onion flavored rings, Lay’s potato chips, Rold Gold pretzels, Smartfood popcorn and SunChips multigrain snacks. Variety Packs are available at retail stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.60 – $8.99. For additional details about the Frito Lay presents the Nintendo Switch Giveaway, visit http://www.flvpgamegiveaway.com.

It’s hard to argue with the logic that went into this decision, and I wouldn’t even attempt to because I really like the move. Whether I win a system or not, I do believe this promotion will be amazing for Nintendo and the Nintendo Switch. I remember back in the early days of Nintendo as a home gaming entity, and the number of promotions that went into making sure EVERYONE knew about the NES were astounding. In fact, many companies employed a lot of the same tactics…and they worked wonderfully well! I mean, to this day, I cannot eat Reese’s Pieces without thinking about ET: the Extra Terrestrial (and I love my Reese’s).

Of note: Nintendo and Pepsi also have another promotion for the Nintendo Switch that is also serving to help Pepsi promote their new flavor, Pepsi Fire (cinnamon flavored). For more details visit: Pepsi Fire Sweepstakes

What do you think of this latest promotion by the company with regards to the Nintendo Switch? Will you be trying to win a console? Do you like the snacks that come in the Variety Packs? Are you a fan of Pepsi products, in general?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!