The Information Keeps on Coming In…

Just as Nintendo prepares to create their latest E3 experience next week, the company is preparing to host 3 separate Invitational tournaments during the event. Of course, leading into the tourneys, Nintendo is giving fans an opportunity to know a little more about the games that will be shown off, competitively. One such game is, of course, Splatoon 2.

Last week, Nintendo of America released a Splat Chat video on their Official YouTube channel illustrating some of what it takes to play competitively well in the new game. They have released a second Splat Chat video today that talks about a few things like weapon choice, and even changes to certain maps.

The march to E3 2017 is officially on, and Nintendo is setting the table for some incredible activities over that 3-day period. It is going to be amazing seeing first-time footage and game play from upcoming games that we will have the opportunity to play very soon. Nintendo has already stated that their E3 coverage will focus on games that are coming in 2017. So that means like many times before, we will not be inundated by promises of long-off experiences. We will soon be able to enjoy them.

Also of note, Nintendo of America has created a new Twitter account dedicated to the competitive gaming scene called Nintendo Versus.

What are you most looking forward to from this year’s E3? Are you excited to see how the Invitational tournaments go? Would you like to participate if this becomes a continually competitive event at E3?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!