Chapter 3 – Squid Sisters Stories

The Squid Research Lab continues to dive deep into the story behind the Squid Sisters and what they have been up to since the last Splatfest several months ago. Splatoon 2 will be releasing globally soon, and Nintendo is doing a lot to make sure the promotion is as highly effective as possible. As you may be well aware, Callie and Marie were very present in the first Splatoon game, and they have been just as absent in the promotion to this point leading to the upcoming Splatoon 2. These stories are serving the purpose of giving more in-depth lore to the franchise, as well as helping to promote the game in another unique manner, that falls squarely in line with the personality of the IP.

If you missed Chapter 1 and/or Chapter 2, be sure to check them out. Otherwise, enjoy:

Squid Sisters Stories - Chapter 3

I am really enjoying everything that Nintendo is doing right now to make sure the word is out about the company’s newest game console, the Nintendo Switch. From the steady roll-out of new and incredible content to the ways in which advertisement has been a main focus, everything has been at peak quality. The more they continue to follow that model, the more they will be able to advance the momentum that they are experiencing right now. Be sure to stay tuned for more as it becomes available.

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Chapter 2 – Squid Sisters Stories

The Squid Research Lab has released the second chapter of the Squid Sisters Stories, and it is shedding more light on the situation between Callie and Marie. These two busy entertainers are dealing with the demands of rising popularity, and trying to maintain their relationship all at the same time.

If you have not seen Chapter 1, be sure to take a look at that, and enjoy Chapter 2, below:

Squid Sisters Stories - Chapter 2.jpg

This story is getting more and more interesting the deeper we get into it. The emotional account of Marie in this entry is painting a picture that really illustrates the amount of lore behind the Splatoon franchise that has been absent, but also can truly be filled in going forward. I am excited to see what comes next, and be sure to stay tuned for more as that story continues.

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Chapter 1 – Squid Sisters Stories

Last week, the Squid Research Lab released some Top Secret documents that hinted at the reason behind the absence of the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, during the recent promotional footage of Nintendo’s upcoming Splatoon 2. The singing duo were the mainstays for the Inkling World in Splatoon, and now we are starting to get some insights into their disappearance.

For the next few weeks, we will be finding out more and more information as it becomes available, and Thursday evening saw the release of the first chapter in The Squid Sisters Stories. It will be interesting to see how we will get more of the lore behind this incredible franchise. Below is Chapter 1:




Squid Sisters Stories - Chapter 1

Nintendo has done an amazing job continuing to build upon the fledgling Splatoon franchise, with constant support, additional content, various events, and now deeper story lines. The Squid Sisters Stories truly has the potential to go much further than giving a backstory on the absence of Callie and Marie, too. That is what makes what the company is doing that much more incredible because there is potential for supporting manga, anime, and more. We will have to wait and see.

What more do you think we will see from these stories? How are you enjoying them? Be sure to stay tuned for more as more becomes available.

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What Happened to Callie and Marie?

The full promotion for the upcoming Splatoon 2 is well underway, and the Squid Research Lab is continually shedding light on the newest game in the franchise. Two of the first game’s staples were the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, but they have been conspicuously absent from the new game’s showings, so far.

It now seems there is a lot more to the story than their simple absence. Though not fully revealed, the Squid Sisters seem to have had a “falling out” after the final Splatfest for the first game which occurred several months ago.

I look forward to more unveiling of the story behind their non-participation in the coming weeks, leading to the release of Splatoon 2. Be sure to stay tuned as I intend to keep you all updated on the unfolding story as it is shared.

Did you compete in the last Splatfest for Splatoon, and were you on the winning team? Are you excited to experience other music artists from the Inking world? What do you think happened to the sisters?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!

The Final Showdown…

Nintendo has announced the next and last Splatfest, and it will be a global event…of sorts. Splatoon has seen more than a dozen of the contests, and the final one will take place next month.

Get ready for the Squid Sisters Showdown–#TeamCallie versus #TeamMarie!

Splatoon has had an incredible run of updates and support for more than a year since release, and with this final Splatfest, we are seeing the last of the formal overarching support for this amazing game. Splatoon started out as a hopeful new IP being shown off for the first time at E3 in 2014, and the audience was absolute zero, but the charm was immediately apparent once the first part of that initial trailer was played. The game was heralded by many as the surprise hit of the show, garnering awards, praise and lots of attention. It wasn’t always seen as a sure-thing that it became, prior to its actual launch, though. There were many who continued to rage about how Nintendo was messing up, yet again. There were the cries of the company not listening to the fans; the whining about the company’s choice for advertisement; the way the content was being rolled out over time…all of these things seemed to be the telltale signs that Nintendo was completely out of touch with gamers today! Well, obviously Splatoon was not the death knell for the company that was being foretold, despite the threats of boycotting the game until all of the in-game content was released, or at least until the “big update” came a few months after launch.

Are you ready for the big showdown? How often have you participated in the Splatfest events? Will you choose #TeamCallie or #TeamMarie?

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North America Celebrates Independence Day With a Splatfest!

This July 4th the United States will be celebrating its 239th Independence Day! Most people will be spending quality time with friends and family eating  wonderful food, and watching vibrant fireworks displays, all while relaxing and simply having a good time. Many will also take the opportunity to watch movies, as a lot of great things have come to theaters near us all. Some will even find solace in the tried and true pass-time of playing video games, and in this we find North America’s very first Splatoon Splatfest which launched this morning at 12:00am PST!

Splatfest is an in-game event that is hosted by the game’s mainstay Pop Stars, the Squid Sisters. During this event, participants can choose between opposing teams and battle each other to determine which team will indeed become the winner.

Rank System

During Splatfest, players will be able to gain XP/Points that increase the players’ Rank. Super Sea Snails are awarded to participants upon Splatfest’s conclusion, with the winning team’s respective rank rewards doubling at the end of the Splatfest. Players receive 3 Rank EXP for winning a match, 1 EXP for a score over 200p, 2 EXP for a score over 400p.

Immediately after Splatfest kicked off in North America, the Miiverse response was excited and swift. Many players began to express their delight with the changes to the plaza and the amount of detail Nintendo put into their latest work. As it has been stated so often, Nintendo pays so much attention to the smallest of details, and Splatfest has indeed been no exception. Just take a look below at a few of the screenshots that were posted.

Aulann Splatfest Miiverse Post

Miiverse Photo Credit: Aulann

EndermanSlayer04 Splatfest Miiverse Post

Miiverse Photo Credit: EndermanSlayer04

coco000 Splatfest Miiverse Post

Miiverse Photo Credit: coco000

Jermafide Splatfest Miiverse Post

Miiverse Photo Credit: Jermafide

mk103102 Splatfest Miiverse Post

Miiverse Photo Credit: mk103102

Sasagawa92 Splatfest Miiverse Post

Miiverse Photo Credit: Sasagawa92

Sorathehero21 Splatfest Miiverse Post

Miiverse Photo Credit: Sorathehero21

Below is a view of Inkopolis Plaza and a quick round of battle, in action. Take a look, and I hope you enjoy.

As always, games are meant to be enjoyed, so have fun and keep gaming!


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