Splatoon 2 Tweaks the Rules for Ranked Battles

If it has not been apparent before now, it should be coming clearer daily that the name of the game is competition. The Splatoon franchise is all about competition and that competition has levels. The main mode of competition is and has always been Turf War, in which the objective is to ink more turf than your opponent within the given time limit. The additional modes are found inside Ranked Battles, and that’s where the competition really heats up.

The new game coming to the franchise, Splatoon 2, will feature a few new changes to the Ranked Battle modes, and Nintendo was excited to share them with us. The first thing to not of course is the fact that the three modes we’ve grown so used to playing in Splatoon will be returning for the newest game on the Nintendo Switch. The adjustments that have been made to each of these modes is shown here, from the company’s Spaltoon Tumblr page.

In addition to the above information, Nintendo of America has also shared what may be a new segment on their YouTube channel, Splat Chat which features several Treehouse employees discussing these changes. Here’s hoping they continue with this on other aspects of the game, as well.

Nintendo is doing an incredible job of making fans aware of the things that they have in the works right now, and that is such a refreshing thing because it eliminates quite a bit of the “guessing” that people tend to do when it comes to the company’s intentions. It puts much more focus on the phenomenal content that they have on offer, instead.

What do you like most about these new adjustments in Splatoon 2? Were you a primarily Ranked Battles player in the original game? Which is your favorite mode?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


Miitomo’s New BIG Update is Now Live!

On Wednesday evening, November 9, 2016, Nintendo released the big new update for their very first smartphone app, Miitomo, Version 2.0.1. The very large update was downloadable around 9pm ET around the same time the servers were being maintenanced, so some users may have experienced some delays in gaming access, but it is definitely available now.

The new update has 5 all-new features, plus more, so check them out below:

 1. Send messages to other Mii characters!

You will now be able to exchange direct messages with your friends using Miis as messengers. You will also be able to set the expression of the Mii you send.

2. Customize your room with floor and wallpaper options you can get by playing Miitomo Drop!

That’s not all! You’ll also be able to create posters from images saved on your device, and hang them on your walls. Note: You will have to purchase poster spots to use this feature.

3. Show off your outfits on Style Central!

Share your outfits with the world, and give hearts to your favorites. You will also be able to try on and get the outfits you like best!

4. Read answers from all over the world on Answer Central!

Answer the featured question, or read other people’s answers. You will also be able to give hearts and post comments on answers.

5. Create Sidekick Mii characters!

Do you have a favorite celebrity or video game character? Why not recreate them as a Sidekick Mii? They’ll even get their own room. You’ll also be able to send messages to your friends and post to Style Central using your Sidekick Miis.

Miitomo 2.0 is even easier to use:

• An easy-to-read answer timeline

A new timeline feature allows you to see your friends’ latest answers without the need to speak to other Mii characters. You will also be able to see your friends’ customized rooms.

• Reduced app size

By changing the way the app saves data, the app now takes up less space on your device.

As you can see, there are a lot of new features to bring many people back to the app for extended fun. I know there were a lot of people who started out playing with the app but for their own reasons dwindled away from it, but these new features are very interesting and easily could reinvigorate a good number of old users, and maybe even bring in a lot more along the way. All of this, while continuing to extend the Nintendo ecosystem to bring more smiles to the faces of the people they come in contact with. Check it out if you haven’t already, and let me know how you like the changes. And if you have never tried Miitomo, let me know how you enjoy it.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


Sheldon’s Pack is Unboxed on June 7

A few days ago, we found out about a new update and weapon pack coming to Splatoon this week.

Nintendo has shared several posts detailing the contents of the newest pack arriving for Splatoon following the Update 2.8.0 which goes live Tuesday evening, June 7, 2016.

Squid Research Lab PSA: In case you missed it, we’re happy to announce that the upcoming 2.8.0 update, arriving the evening of June 7, will include 9 new weapon combos known as Sheldon’s Picks Vol.2. This update will also include some weapon balance adjustments, along with bug fixes.

Please note that due to the update, server maintenance is scheduled to occur from 5:50 PM – 7 PM PT on Tue, June 7th.

The above weapons are 7 of the prospective 9 that are due to be available following the update. I will share details of the two remaining weapon sets when they are revealed.

Which weapon combos will you likely used most? Are you excited about the new weapons coming to Splatoon? Are you satisfied with the continued support for the game, even a full year from its release?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


Happy 1 Year Anniversary Splatoon!

Nintendo is commemorating the first anniversary of the phenomenal new IP Splatoon. A year ago, Nintendo released a brand new IP mere months after its reveal at E3 2014, and showed the gaming community that they indeed still have it!

Since its release last year, Nintendo has continually updated the content available in the game, and provided players with an overwhelming amount of additional maps, weapons, and gear. To mark the 1 year anniversary of the game’s launch, Nintendo is providing an all-new set of weapon combinations.

So, come June 7, look forward to finding new ways to play again. Splatoon is going down as one of the most innovative new gaming experiences, of all-time.

Are you looking forward to getting your hands on the new weapon sets when they become available? Have you still been playing Splatoon? How excited are you for the new weapons?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!

Update Coming to Miitomo

Miitomo users were informed this evening that an update would be coming to the smart device app soon. A set date was not given immediately, but we do know that it should not be long.

 It is good to see Nintendo continuing to make efforts to improve the users’ experience with the app.

How much are you using Miitomo? Are you still having fun with it? What else would you like for Nintendo to do with this app? With their future apps?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!

They Pull You Back In…

Nintendo has announced an all-new Splatoon update and the arrival of several new weapons. It has been quite some time since the “final” updates, weapons, maps and gear arrived in Splatoon, but shortly after their release, the game’s developers and producers hinted at the possibility of more additional content.

When Splatoon was released nearly one year ago, the promise of added content was merely a collection of words, but beyond that, many vocal fans felt that the company would not be able to deliver well enough on that promise to justify the game’s release at the time. Nintendo did, however, deliver tremendously on that promise, even to the point of some admitting that they never expected this much content for the game. Now, the developers are bringing even more to the table.

Several of the weapons that will become available on the 12th have been highlighted, so here are a few of their details.

These new weapons are sure to once again bring many players back to the splatting fields of Splatoon to test their skills. It will be interesting to see how well these new weapons will be received by players, old and new, alike.

Do you plan on testing the new weapons when they become available on April 12th? Have you been playing Splatoon lately? you excited about the new weapons support coming to the game?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!

Splatoon Update 2.6.0 is Live

Nintendo has announced the newest update for Splatoon, and it is now live and available to be downloaded.

Version 2.6.0

Stage Adjustments:

  • Arowana Mall – The map layout in Turf War is changed as follows:
    • The layout will be based on the stage layout in Splat Zones, but the grates that connect between the high platforms in each team’s area will be removed.
  • Moray Towers – Changes to the layout in Turf War to match the layout in Splat Zones.

Matchmaking and Team Assignment Adjustments:

  • Until now, team assignments in Ranked Battle were completely random, but some consideration will now be given to equipped weapons when assigning teams.
  • Ranked Battle Matchmaking will be changed so that players of the following ranks are not matched together.
    • S+ and S
    • S and A+
    • A- and B+
    • B- and C+
    • This change may be subject to further adjustment depending on changes to matchmaking times that occur as a result.

Changes to Rank Points:

  • During Ranked Battles, when a team plays at a disadvantage due to unavoidable issues such as teammates being disconnected, and then loses, the winning team’s points will be decreased by an amount proportional to the time they benefited from the above conditions.

Gear Ability Adjustments:

    • Adjustments have been made to the efficacy of certain Gear Abilities. More info

Splatfest Changes:

    • During Splatfests what was previously the Vibe Meter will now display your Splatfest Power.
      • Initial Splatfest Power level depends upon your current Ranked Battle rank.
      • Splatfest Power level will change depending on wins or losses during Splatfest Battles.
      • The player with the highest Splatfest Power on the winning team will receive a slightly larger boost to their Splatfest Power than their teammates after the match.
    • Until now, Splatfest matchmaking favored grouping players with similar play styles. Players will now be more likely to play with those of similar Splatfest Power level.
    • The higher a team’s average Splatfest Power level, the more Splatfest Points they will earn after winning.

Be sure to apply this update right away in order to ensure your game’s best performance.

As always, gaming, is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!